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BWC Generator

The turbine has been totally disassembled and all parts replaced with new
or reconditioned to like new standards. Rotor has been magna-fluxed,
polished, and Balanced. Turbine case has been sandblasted, magna-fluxed, all
sealing surfaces have been either machined or polished and resealed and
assembled with new hardware. Nozzle block was ground and polished for better
steam flow. Hand valve was reconditioned with new valve stem and the
pneumatic cylinder for automatic control replaced. Turbine was reassembled
with new journal and thrust bearings, new carbon shaft seals, and all
clearances set to factory specifications. Steam chest was sandblasted,
magna-fluxed and internal parts were either replaced with new or
reconditioned parts, all valves lapped and blued to ensure seating,
reassembled with new hardware and sealed. The Governor system for the
turbine was upgraded to a Woodward PG for added stability and reliability.
The generator was disassembled, cleaned, checked electrically, rotor was
cleaned, balanced, and reassembled with new ball bearings. Generator was
reassembled and again checked electrically. All of this comes assembled on a
platform with bearing housing cooling system ready to be hooked up to your
chilled water. Switch gear is included with the turbine generator. Switch
gear includes a panel that controls turbine cooling, running and emergency
stop. Specifications are as follows: Elliott DYR-PG Turbine 149 H.P. 3650
rpm max rpm 3750 trip speed 150 PSIG inlet max inlet 250 PSIG, 366 degrees
F. temp inlet max temp. 500 degrees F 0 PSIG exhaust max exh. 60 PSIG Book
100 First critical 9350 rpm Induction Generator G.E. Type Kopig KW 80 KVA
107 PF 75% RPM 2 pole 3600 plus slip rpm Volts 240 Amps 258 HZ 60 Phase 3
Frame 444 US Switch Gear & Panel Controls, switch gear G.E. Controls Red