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1007 KW, 60 Hz, Elliott steam turbine generator set with Elliott turbines, Model BYRH-UG

1007 KW, 60 Hz,  Elliott steam turbine generator set with Elliott turbines, Model BYRH-UG, Serial number B1002145-C 1,  Single stage back pressure style units.  Engine, gearbox and generator are mounted in a common skid. The Elliott gearbox reduces the turbine speed of 5750 RPM to a final speed of 1800 RPM to drive a conventional 4-pole, 2-bearing alternator rated 1000kW/1176kVA with 0.85 PF, 163 Amps and wound for 2400/4160V/3/60 Hz service.

Rated Power – 1350HP/1007kW; Rated Turbine Speed – 5750 RPM; Rated Inlet Steam Pressure – Gauge – 599 PSI; Rated Steam Temperature – 750 Deg F; Rated Exhaust Pressure – 155 PSI.  Gear Drive is a model # C4 R4, Serial # B102145C-G1, Rated power 1350, Service factor 1.66, High speed shaft;5750, Low speed shaft;1815 , Tag # 802654 C4 2624. Alternater is built by BBC (Brown Boveri)  Serial # C36-A076-102, Drive end bearing 6322/C3, opposite drive end bearing 6320/C3. Time rated continuous; Frame # 717, enclosure is drip proof; rated ambient temp. 40 degrees C. With twin Amtek oil coolers and 1.5 hp oil pump.

The package includes generator control and synch panels with scope, no boilers with units.